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The technology transfer and capitalization of water energy food Nexus : Evaluation of WEF Nexus best practices for replication in the Mediterranean region

Auteur : Louis Maryse, Dahdouh Sophie
Année de Publication : 2023
Type : Article
Thème : Santé humaine

Résumé/Sommaire :

The implementation of the Water-Energy-Food Nexus (WEFN) integrated approach is proving effective in preserving natural resources and promoting human well-being and economic growth through the development of innovative and inclusive solutions in the face of insecurities and external chocks.
However this approach is confronted with numerous challenges, particularly when looking at the Mediterranean Partners Countries (MPC), which are facing serious implications of climate change such as droughts, floods and extreme weather conditions affecting their food security, water resources and livelihoods. Despite the existence of some national initiatives targeting theavailability and efficiency of food, water and energy productions, a WEFN approach is hardly existent in these countries.
In this context, the Technology Transfer and Capitalization of Water Energy Food NEXUS (WEF-CAP) project seized an opportunity to efficiently capitalize WEFN practices, commercialization tools and methodologies. Following the mapping and stocktaking exercises of WEF best practices in the EU-MPC region, and in order to better integrate stakeholders in the formulation of adequate policies for an adapted WEFN approach, a public consultation was conducted targeting multi-stakeholders in the region. The results confirmed the need to enhance public awareness about climate change and WEFN in particular, the urgent need to create adequate legal framework that ensures an integrated natural resource management, the need to enhance efficient cooperation between the different actors in the three sectors, the urgent need for financial instruments to help implement the required strategies, better regional cooperation that takes into account climate and WEFN issues and an enabling environment conducive to innovation.
This policy brief provides an overview of the findings gathered through this publicconsultation. More specifically, it offers an analysis of the inputs received on stakeholders'awareness, knowledge, perception and expectations regarding the state of climate change inthe EU-MPC region, the extent of the water-energy-food interdependence and the challengesto the implementation of the WEFN integrated approach in the region, as well as the impactsderived from their implementation in order to evaluate/validate the outputs that have beenproduced by the project. Finally, the brief provides evidence-based operationalrecommendations on how to move forward and adopt the WEFN approach.

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