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Socioeconomic interest and valorization of medicinal plants from the Rissani oasis (SE of Morocco)

Auteur : El Mansouri Latifa, Ennabili Abdeslam, Bousta Dalila
Année de Publication : 2011
Type : Article
Thème : Santé humaine
Couverture : Maroc

Résumé/Sommaire :

The survival and sustenance of man depends largely on plants which generate directly 87% of its food needs and constitute a source of basic health care in developing countries. Based on socio-economic surveys and field observations led in the Rissani oasis (SE of Morocco), we have identified 109 species belonging to 45 botanical families and 102 genera. The distribution in families is: Lamiaceae (15.2%), Asteraceae (11.5%), Fabaceae (8.46 %), Poaceae (8.12%) and Apiaceae (6.75%). The species used in traditional medicine correspond to 57.8%, for food 10.1% and for other uses 28.4%. Of these species, 10.1% are cultivated, naturalized, introduced and/or weeds. Byproducts of 46.8% of these species are imported from other regions of Morocco and locally marketed. Many medicinal species from this area are not recognized by the inhabitants, and their sensitization towards the use and conservation of local plant diversity is needed.

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