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Vendredi 06 Mars 2009

ERIC (Exeter Research and Institutional Content archive)

Producteur : University of Exeter, United Kingdom
Période couverte : DE 1981 A Aujourd'hui
Langue : EN
Genre : Acte de congrés , Alerte d'informations , Enquête , Norme , Ouvrage Scientifique , Pré-publications , Rapport , Thèse
Types de données : Références bibliographiques , Texte intégral , Image

Description :

ERIC is the University's online repository of full-text research outputs and theses. ERIC acts as a showcase for the University's research, increasing the visibility and impact of our pioneering work in all disciplines. ERIC enables sharing of research - funders, students and researchers elsewhere are able to view and download items freely.

Content includes, but is not limited to: journal articles, conference papers, working papers, reports, book chapters, video and audio. Items submitted to ERIC are securely stored, managed and preserved to ensure free, permanent access. Images and multimedia research project outputs can be found in the University’s Digital Collections Online.

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