• Producteur : Lakehead University, Canada Mardi 23 Janvier 2018

    Lakehead University Knowledge Commons

    This is the repository of Lakehead University which includes theses, research articles by Lakehead scholars, technical reports, presentations, phot...
  • Producteur : Centre de recherches pour le développement international (CRDI), Canada Lundi 05 Avril 2010


    La Bibliothèque numérique du CRDI est un dépôt institutionnel de libre accès, où sont archivés des résultats de travaux de recherche et des documen...
  • Producteur : McGill University, Canada Lundi 01 Octobre 2012


    eScholarship@McGill is an institutional repository providing access to the full-text publications and theses of McGill University faculty and stude...
  • Producteur : University of Alberta, Canada Vendredi 27 Août 2010

    Education and Research Archive (ERA)

    The University of Alberta hosts Era: Education and Research Archive, a digital repository to collect, disseminate, and preserve the intellectual ou...
  • Producteur : University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Canada Lundi 22 Janvier 2018


    e-Scholar@UOIT is the institutional repository of the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. It currently contains electronic thesis.
  • Producteur : CORP (Competence Center of Urban and Regional Planning), Austria Lundi 22 Janvier 2018

    REAL CORP Repository

    REAL CORP Repository provides access to the research output of the institution.
  • Producteur : Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne, France Lundi 22 Janvier 2018


    L’Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne soutient l’open-access en offrant à ses enseignants-chercheurs la possibilité de diffuser librement et grat...
  • Producteur : CSIR-Institute of Microbial Technology (Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Institute of Microbial Technology), India Vendredi 03 Mai 2013


    DIR@IMTECH is an institutional repository providing access to the research output of the CSIR-IMTECH. Some items are only available to registered u...
  • Producteur : Napier University, United Kingdom Mercredi 11 Février 2009


    The Repository@Napier is intended to be an Open Access showcase for the published research output of the university. Whenever possible, refereed do...
  • Producteur : Brandeis university (Waltham, Mass.), United States Lundi 18 Mai 2009

    Brandeis Institutional Repository

    The Brandeis Institutional Repository is a resource for the Brandeis community to showcase, organize, share, and preserve research and scholarship...
  • Producteur : Birmingham City University (BCU), United Kingdom Jeudi 30 Mars 2017

    BCU Open Access

    BCU Open Access is a digital archive of research and enterprise output produced by BCU staff.
  • Producteur : Ohio Wesleyan University, United States Mardi 16 Janvier 2018

    Digital Commons @ OWU

    Digital Commons @ Ohio Wesleyan University brings together all of OWU's research output under one umbrella, with an aim to preserve and provide acc...
  • Producteur : King Saud University (جامعة الملك سعود), Saudi Arabia Mardi 16 Janvier 2018

    المخطوطات (makhtota)

    المخطوطات (makhtota) provides access to the digitised collections or rare Arabic Manuscripts. The interface is available in Arabic and English. The...
  • Producteur : Midlands State University, Zimbabwe Vendredi 12 Janvier 2018

    Midlands State University Institutional Repository

    Midlands State University Institutional Repository is a digital collection of the research output of the Midlands State University community.
  • Producteur : COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan Vendredi 12 Janvier 2018

    CIIT Lahore Repository

    CIIT Lahore Library collects, preserve and distribute the intellectual assests of COMSATS students.
  • Producteur : Benguet State University, Philippines Vendredi 12 Janvier 2018

    Benguet State University Digital Library

    Repository for theses, dissertations, university documents, indigenous knowledge in the Cordillera region, and faculty manuals. The interface can b...
  • Producteur : Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec), New Zealand Mardi 07 Avril 2009

    Wintec Research Archive

    Wintec Research Archive provides access to the research output of the staff and students of Waikato Institute of Technology (Wintec). Users may set...
  • Producteur : Unitec Institute of Technology, New Zealand Mercredi 22 Décembre 2010

    Unitec Research Bank

    Unitec’s Research Bank is the digital repository in which research carried out at Unitec is stored and made available to the world. The purpose of...
  • Producteur : University of Auckland, New Zealand Mercredi 11 Février 2009


    ResearchSpace@Auckland is a digital repository or online archive for The University of Auckland, and contains Full Text Theses and other Research O...
  • Producteur : Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand Mercredi 11 Février 2009


    ResearchArchive@Victoria (Victoria University of Wellington's digital research repository) is a digital research repository for the research output...
  • Producteur : The University of Waikato, New Zealand Mercredi 11 Février 2009


    Research Commons is an open access digital repository promoting and preserving the scholarly outputs of researchers at the University of Waikato, N...
  • Producteur : University of Otago, New Zealand Mercredi 11 Février 2009

    OUR Archive (Otago University Research Archive)

    OUR Archive (Otago University Research Archive) provides access to the research output of the institution. Users may set up RSS feeds to be alerted...
  • Producteur : Massey University Library, Massey University, New Zealand Vendredi 06 Mars 2009

    Massey Research Online

    Massey Research Online is an open access digital archive of the research and scholarship of Massey University and is jointly managed by the Univers...
  • Producteur : Lincoln University, New Zealand Mercredi 11 Février 2009

    Lincoln University Research Archive

    Lincoln University Research Archive is a digital research archive or "institutional repository" for Lincoln University - a place to store...
  • Producteur : Zimbabwe Open University, Zimbabwe Jeudi 06 Février 2014

    ZOU Institutional Repository (ZOU Space)

    The Zimbabwe Open University Repository is an online locus for collecting, preserving, and disseminating the intellectual output of ZOU. The Reposi...


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