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Vendredi 08 Décembre 2017

Carroll Scholars

Producteur : Carroll College, United States
Période couverte : DE 1999 A Aujourd'hui
Langue : EN
Genre : Article , Rapport , Thèse , Autres
Types de données : Texte intégral

Description :

"Carroll Scholars" creates:

  • A central, easily discoverable place for faculty, students, and departments to showcase, reference, and distribute their work.
  • A repository for all textual, visual, and aural scholarship produced by members of the college community.
  • A means for long term digital preservation of material.
  • A digital archives for historic and college-related material.
  • A platform for creating and managing faculty and student publications.
  • A gallery for faculty experts and their areas of expertise that can be searched by students, media contacts, and potential collaborators.
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