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Vendredi 09 Septembre 2016

BG Research Online

Producteur : Bishop Grosseteste University, United Kingdom
Période couverte : DE 2003 A Aujourd'hui
Langue : EN
Genre : Article , Ouvrage Scientifique
Types de données : Références bibliographiques , Texte intégral

Description :

BG Research Online is an open access digital repository of research undertaken by members of staff and researchers of Bishop Grosseteste University.The depositing of journal articles, conference papers and other peer-reviewed literature into the repository raises the profile of the University and of an individual's research output; encourages collaboration between academics; and enables anyone, anywhere in the world to discover and access publicly-funded, world-class research.Where possible, and subject to licensing and copyright, each item deposited in the repository is accompanied by a link to a freely available electronic version of the item.

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