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The European e-Business Report 2005 edition : A portrait of e-business in 10 sectors of the EU economy

Collectivite Auteur : European Commission. Enterprise & Industry Directorate General. E-Business W@tch
Année de Publication : 2005
Type : Rapport
Thème : Applications sectorielles des TIC

Résumé/Sommaire :

Sommaire :

Chart Report – The e-Business Survey 2005
Part 1 : Synopsis of Main Findings : e-Business in the EU in 2005
1.1 Adoption of ICT Infrastructure and ICT Investments
1.2 Integrating Internal Business Processes
1.3 The Supply Side : Electronic Procurement
1.4 Improving Customer Service : Electronic Marketing and Sales
1.5 Making e-Business Work : Standards and Interoperability
1.6 ICT Security: Incidents Experienced and Measures Introduced in EU Enterprises
1.7 e-Business Activity Views : Conclusions and Lessons Learned
1.8 International e-Business Developments
Part 2 : Sector Perspectives : Summaries of e-Business Sector Studies
2.1 Food and Beverages
2.2 Textile and Clothing
2.3 Publishing and Printing
2.4 The Pharmaceutical Industry
2.5 Machinery and Equipment
2.6 The Automotive Industry
2.7 The Aeronautics Industry
2.8 Construction
2.9 Tourism
2.10 IT Services
Part 3 : National Perspectives on e-Business
3.1 Impact Assessment of National and Regional e-Business Policies : Examples from Finland, France, Sweden and Wales/UK
3.2 e-Business in Greece
3.3 e-Business in the Netherlands
3.4 e-Business in Slovakia
3.5 e-Business in Spain by Jesús Galván, Prof. Schiller Int. University, Madrid Campus

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