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Leveraging Differences for Competition: An Exploratory Study

Auteur : Mazzei Alessandra, Ravazzani Silvia
Date de publication : 17/01/2008
Type : Article
Thème : Information et communication

Résumé/Sommaire :

The issue of diversity is arising today due to two main reasons. First, companies competing in international markets face different cultures, languages, races and so on. Second, most domestic markets are becoming increasingly multiracial and multicultural.

This paper illustrates the results of an exploratory study and develops a model suitable for interpreting the current approaches to the diversity issue spread among companies. The new model, called the Leveraging Differences model, represents a wider approach compared to the previous ones as it considers the organizational, social and marketing viewpoints. The case studies of IBM, Microsoft, and Deutsche Bank will be discussed to verify whether the model could be effective for future quantitative research.

The analysis shows that the internal variety, made up of different skills, competencies, cultural orientation, and personal sensibility, is mainly used to better interact with the markets and to produce customized products. In conclusion, the Leveraging Differences model is quite complete and suitable for describing the current approaches to diversity.

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