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Vendredi 11 Juillet 2008

Earth-prints Repository

Producteur : Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia (INGV), Italy
Domaines Couverts : SCIENCES DE LA TERRE
Période couverte : DE 1973 A Aujourd'hui
Langue : EN , IT
Genre : Acte de congrés , Article , Ouvrage Scientifique , Pré-publications , Rapport , Thèse , Autres
Types de données : Texte intégral

Description :

The Earth Prints archive is a tool to support research in Earth Sciences. Its main objectives are to facilitate communication of research results through the availability of papers, reports and proposals, to improve dissemination and impact of research findings and to document research efforts. In accordance with these objectives the archive is designed to facilitate international use and cooperation. The archive accepts many kinds of contributions: pre-prints, post-prints, and reprints of scientific papers, conference papers, posters, extended abstracts, theses, reports, books and book chapters, magazine articles, web products and original software, project descriptions, and other published or unpublished documents. Registered users can set up email alerts to notify them of newly added relevant content.

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