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Jeudi 12 Mars 2009

Caltech Archives Oral Histories Online

Producteur : Caltech Library System, Caltech (California Institute of Technology), United States
Période couverte : DE 1978 A Aujourd'hui
Langue : EN
Genre : Thèse
Types de données : Texte intégral

Description :

The Caltech Archives Oral History Project began in 1978 for the purpose of recording the personal memoirs of the distinguished scientists, teachers, and administrators of the Institute. To date, approximately 170 interviews have been completed and most are open to readers in transcript form. Beginning in 2002, selected interviews have been made available to the public in digital form through this repository.CaltechOralHistories is part of CODA, the Caltech Collection of Open Digital Archives, managed by Caltech Library Services. The mission of CODA is to collect, manage, preserve and provide global access over time to the scholarly output of the Institute and the publications of campus units.

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