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How to Create a Website : Guiding principles

Année de Publication : 2005
Type : Livre
Thème : Sites Web

Résumé/Sommaire :

Chapter One - Planning Your Website
A- Definition, principles and importance of planning stage and planning techniques
B- Principles of website planning
C- Elements in website planning
1. Planning institutional or organizational policies of a website
2. Identifying the target audience and assessing audience profile and needs
3. Determining and formulating your goals and objectives
4. Developing your website content
5. Planning support system and technology
6. Planning the information and organizational architecture and design
7. Budgeting
8. Drawing up a schedule
Chapter Two - Webpage Design and Development
A- Artistic and visual element
1. Guidelines
B- Content
1. Developing the content-where to get ideas
2. Creating site content
3. Content writing -tips of style writing for the Web
4. Ethical considerations
C- Structural Component
1. Structural scheme
2. Guidelines in making your site navigable
3. Navigational tools
D- Web Technology
1. Operating system to support
2. Web server support
3. Deciding whether to go for static or dynamic pages
4. Setting up databases and choosing the right software
5. Choosing the tight authoring and editing tools to create your site
6. Building interactivity
Chapter Three - Advertising and Promoting Your Site
A- Principles of website promotion
B- Promotional techniques
1. Direct email
2. Traditional strategies
3. Submitting to search engines and directories
4. Sending electronic newsletter and press releases
5. Banner advertising
6. Posting to message boards, news groups and discussion lists
7. Electronic magazine and newspaper advertising
8. Link popularity
9. Product advertising in media
10. Creating a "What's New Page" in your site
11. Sponsorships and testimonials
12. Writing articles and allowing them to be re-published with attached URL
Chapter Four - Assessment and Evaluation
A- Assessing Web Quality and Functionality
1. Content
2. Design
3. Usability, navigability and searchability
4. Interactivity
B- Methods for evaluating the website
1. Observation
2. Automated validation tests
3. Usability tests
4. Web-based (online) surveys
5. Log-file Data Analysis
6. Telephone survey

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