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Web 2.0 in U.S. LIS Schools: Are They Missing the Boat?

Auteur : Aharony Noa
Année de Publication : 0
Type : Article
Thème : Internet
Couverture : Etats-Unis d'Amérique

Résumé/Sommaire :


Library and information science (LIS) programmes prepare students for performing traditional information tasks such as indexing, retrieval and library management [1][2][3]. The increased importance and centrality of information has moved LIS schools to offer new curricula that combine traditional librarianship and archiving with technological and social aspects of information. As the author has a considerable interest in both LIS education and in Web 2.0 applications, and because she found out that in her own country (Israel) only a limited emphasis is given to adapting Web 2.0 new technologies in LIS schools, she has decided to examine the situation in US LIS. This article presents a preliminary report on a survey of the accredited schools of library and information science in the United States, to determine the degree of adoption of courses on Web 2.0. Expanding the curriculum and integrating a course which focuses on Web 2.0 may improve the image of LIS, and more importantly, may enable learners to acquire a broader perspective in their attitude towards information studies, and to cope with rapid change in the information landscape. Adding Web 2.0 studies to the curriculum may also serve to improve the position of LIS programmes when competing for student attention against other programmes of study and career options.

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