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A Guided Approach for Personalized Information Search and Visualization

Auteur : Chen Wei-Bang Li Yufeng Soong Seng-Jaw et al.
Année de Publication : 0
Type : Article
Thème : Stratégies de recherche

Résumé/Sommaire :

Our earlier study (Chen, Orthner, & Sell, 2005) showed that it is possible to record the searching strategy, to search and retrieve literature information automatically, and to visualize the retrieved information through a Web interface. The objective of this study was to update the current system into a prototype of the Literature and Information Tracking System to search, retrieve and visualize information in a guided and customized manner. The implementation of the system showed that users could update their account information and searching strategies including topics, online sources, etc., over Web interfaces. The guided approaches for optimized terms usage enhanced the recall, precision, and efficiency. The web-based system may become an efficient tool for both bench scientists and clinicians for their daily information retrieval and visualization. The implemented digital certification kept both convenient access and the highest possible level of security for the retrieved information. The system has great potential to serve a large number of concurrent users.

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