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JISC & SCONUL Library Management Systems Study: An Evaluation and horizon scan of the current library management systems and related systems landscape for UK higher education

Auteur : Adamson Veronica Bacsich Paul Chad Ken et al.
Année de Publication : 0
Type : Etude
Thème : Bibliothèque

Résumé/Sommaire :

1.1 Executive Summary

In autumn 2007, JISC and SCONUL jointly commissioned the Library Management Systems Study to undertake an evaluation and horizon scan of the library management and related systems landscape for UK Higher Education.

The LMS study was conducted by a consortium of Sero Consulting Ltd, Glenaffric Ltd and Ken Chad Consulting Ltd.

The report was published in April 2008, thanks to input from exactly 100 UK HE libraries, all the major LMS vendors and the Reference Group drawn from the UK and the international community.

1.1.1 Context

This is a period of uncertainty and change for HE libraries in terms of institutional priorities, user perceptions, globalisation of services and communities and new technologies. Users expect ease of discovery, workflow and delivery influenced by major web companies such as Google and Amazon and Web2.0. In this context, JISC is working towards an Information Environment for learning, teaching and research, involving deep integration of services and resources within the personal, institutional, national and global landscape. As central service providers, HE libraries are raising questions about the role, interoperability and value of their systems....

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