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Revisiting Urban Planning in the Middle East North Africa Region

Auteur : Madbouly Mostafa
Année de Publication : 2009
Type : Rapport
Thème : Urbanisme

Résumé/Sommaire :

1. Urban challenges and the need to revisit urban planning
1.1 MENA region's major challenges
1.2 Urban planning development strategies in MENA region
2. Understanding the diversity of the urban context
2.1 Diversity of urban context
2.2 Peri-urban context
3. The emergence and spread of contemporary urban planning
3.1 Planning in the past
3.2 Planning shifts in the last 50 years
3.3 Emergence of urban planning : master and development plans
3.4 Criticism of the master plan approach 23
3.5 Contemporary forms of urban planning
3.6 Conclusion
4. The institutional and regulatory framework for planning
4.1 Regional and national perspectives of decentralization in Lebanon
4.2 Municipalities and the central government
4.3 Conclusion
5. Planning participation and politics
5.1 The participatory planning in Egypt
5.2 The case of Jordan : a holistic and integrated way of land management and governance
5.3 The participatory planning in the GCC countries
5.4 Lessons learnt from applying participatory planning in different MENA countries
5.5 The ethical responsibility of planners and participatory planning
6. Planning and sustainable development
6.1 The case of Amman, Jordan
6.2 The case of Lebanon
6.3 The case of Egypt
7. Planning, informality and new urban forms
7.1 Informal development in MENA region countries
7.2 Peri-urban dynamics in the MENA region, The case of Egypt- greater Cairo
8. Planning, spatial structure of cities and provision of infrastructure
8.1 Key issues in the transportation sector
8.2 Water supply and sewage services in MENA region
9. The monitoring and evaluation of urban plans
9.1 Monitoring and evaluation in Saudi Arabia
9.2 Monitoring and information management in Iraq
9.3 Monitoring and evaluation of urban planning in Egypt
9.4 Conclusion
10. Planning education
10.1 Planning education : interrelated key issues
10.2 The changing pattern of education and planning

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