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Internet addiction: where we are now

Auteur : Morahan-Martin J.
Année de Publication : 2006
Type : Article
Thème : Société

Résumé/Sommaire :

This paper provides an overview of research on Internet Abuse (IA) and its relationship with other disorders. It suggests that it is important to differentiate between IA and Internet-enabled pathologies such as sexual paraphilias and pathological gambling which are performed online. Those who develop IA are drawn to the socially interactive aspects of the Internet, and find their social interactions are enhanced online compared to offline. A comprehensive model proposed by Caplan suggests that those who lack self-presentational skills develop a preference for online over face-to-face communication which leads them to use online communication compulsively which in turn leads to IA. This may explain the increased vulnerability for IA among those who are chronically lonely and socially anxious. Criticisms of this research are discussed.

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