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The assessment of RAMED (the Medical Assistance Plan) : Executive Summary

Collectivite Auteur : The National Observatory for Human Development
Type : Synthèse / Résumé
Thème : Santé
Couverture : Maroc

Résumé/Sommaire :

1. RAMed, a Relevant Project undertaken in a Difficult Context
1.1. A fragile health system on the eve of the generalization of RAMed
1.2. The genesis of a primary health-care coverage
2. RAMed Targeting: From the Design to the Deployment
2.1. The targeting design: strengths and weaknesses
2.2. An encouraging deployment, despite falling short of expectations
3. RAMed, a pointer of the Main Dysfunctions of the National Health System
3.1. The public hospital under strain
3.2. The declining quality of health-care
3.3. A relative degradation of trust between the beneficiaries and the care-givers
4. RAMed : Sustainability and Financial Governance
4.1. A financial cost marked by significant uncertainties
4.2. An overall financial architecture that has not been completed
4.3. The financial fragility of the public hospital
5. RAMed’s Effects on the beneficiaries
5.1. A considerable improvement in health-care access despite certain concerns
5.2. Persistence of direct payments and an increase of indirect costs
5.3. Subscription to the RAMed plan

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