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Time for Action: Responding to Poverty, Social Exclusion and Inequality in Europe and Beyond

Collectivite Auteur : Social Watch
Année de Publication : 2010
Type : Rapport
Thème : Repères du développement social

Résumé/Sommaire :

Table of Contents

- Social Exclusion in Europe

- State of Play of Social Inclusion Policies at the European Level

- Labour Market Impacts of the Global Economic Crisis and Policy Responses in Europe

- Access to Health Services in Europe

- Housing in Europe: The Impact of Globalisation on a Once Local Issue

- Financial Exclusion and Access to Credit

- Women’s Poverty and Social Exclusion in the European Union at a Time of Recession. An Invisible Crisis

- Ensuring Social Inclusion of Young People by Tackling Multi-faceted Vulnerabilities in Employment and Other Areas

- Migration and Integration at the EU Level: A Rights-based Perspective

- Roma People in Europe: A Long History of Discrimination

- Social Exclusion outside Europe

- Social Protection: An Instrument for Poverty Reduction and Social Cohesion

- Social Exclusion in Southern Mediterranean Arab Countries and Policies of the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership

- Exposing Vulnerabilities to Improve Decision-making

- National Reports

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