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The Changing Wealth of Nations 2018 : Building a Sustainable Future

Auteur : Lange Glenn-Marie, Wodon Quentin, Carey Kevin
Année de Publication : 2018
Type : Rapport
Thème : Repères du développement social
Couverture : Maroc

Résumé/Sommaire :

Chapter 1. Estimating the Wealth of Nations
- Main Messages
- Complementary Measures : GDP and National Wealth
- How We Measure Wealth
- Wealth, Adjusted Net Saving, and Sustainability
- The Role of Institutions, Governance, and Social Capital
- A Roadmap for the Book
- Summing Up and Future Research
Chapter 2. Richer or Poorer? Global and Regional Trends in Wealth from 1995 to 2014
- Main Messages
- Introduction
- Trends in Global Wealth
- Regional Trends in Low- and Middle-Income Countries
- Convergence in the Wealth of Nations
- Savings and Changes in National Wealth
Chapter 3. Wealth Accounts, Adjusted Net Saving, and Diversified Development in Resource-Rich African Countries
- Main Messages
- Introduction
- Two Approaches to Measuring Investments and Sustainability
- Trends in ANS in Sub-Saharan Africa
- Comparing Adjusted Net Saving and Changes in Wealth
- Case Studies : Ghana and Niger
Chapter 4. Expanding Measures of Productivity to Include Natural Capital
- Main Messages
- Introduction
- Recent Work on MFP Growth by the OECD
- Growth Accounting for Measuring MFP Growth
- Empirical Applications to Selected Petroleum Producers
Chapter 5. The Carbon Wealth of Nations: From Rents to Risks
- Main Messages
- Introduction
- Carbon Wealth of Nations
- Carbon Risk
- Four Challenges for Carbon-Rich Nations
Chapter 6. Human Capital and the Wealth of Nations: Global
- Estimates and Trends
- Main Messages
- Introduction
- Measuring Human Capital Wealth
- Estimates of Human Capital Wealth
Chapter 7. Gains in Human Capital Wealth: What Growth Models Tell Us
- Main Messages
- Introduction
- Measures of Human Capital Wealth
- Convergence in Human Capital Wealth?
- Modeling Human Capital Wealth Per Capita
- Summary Statistics
- Estimation Results
Chapter 8. Intangible Capital as the Engine for Development in Morocco
- Main Messages
- Introduction
- Trends in Morocco’s Wealth
- Morocco 2040: Building Human Capital
- Morocco 2040: Institutions and Governance
Chapter 9. Air Pollution : Impact on Human Health and Wealth
- Main Messages
- Introduction
- Air Pollution Incidence and Impact across the Globe
- The Economic Costs of Air Pollution
- Recommendations for the Way Forward: Improving the Measure of Pollution Losses for
- Human Capital
Chapter 10. Subsidies Reduce Marine Fisheries Wealth
- Main Messages
- Introduction
- State of Global Marine Fisheries
Chapter 11. Remote Sensing and Modeling to Fill the Gap in “Missing”
- Natural Capital
- Main Messages
- Introduction
- Biophysical Quantification of Ecosystem Services
- Guidelines for Data and Models in Supporting Wealth Accounting for Natural Capital
- Economic Valuation for Wealth Accounting

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