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Fertility Behaviors of Grazing Groups in Suman and Northern Parts of Saudi Arabia

Auteur : Khraif Rshood M.
Année de Publication : 2009
Type : Actes de congrès / Séminaire / Atelier
Thème : Santé
Couverture : Arabie saoudite

Résumé/Sommaire :

Studies of fertility behaviors of pastoral groups in general and Arab Bedouins in particular are very scarce, largely due to the difficulty of collecting information about them, in addition to their shrinking numbers. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to present fertility levels of nomadic and pastoral groups in Suman desert and northern parts of Saudi Arabia, and examine the determinants of their fertility behavior. The effect of several demographic, social, economic and geographic factors on fertility will be tested. Questionnaire interviews that were conducted in Suman and northern parts of Saudi Arabia during the last three months of 2005 were the source of data for this study. The data collected include demographic and social characteristics of 452 families. These families were living in the desert permanently or temporarily at the time of the survey. Some were originally Bedouins, but had settled down in villages and towns and kept strong ties with the desert. A regression type of analysis was adopted in the study. It is found that age at first marriage, child death, education, living in monogamous marriages, and son preference are the most important determinants of fertility behavior. Women living in families with low income had smaller number of children compared to other income groups. It is noteworthy that fertility level is significantly higher for women living in monogamous unions compared to polygamous ones. In general, polygamous marriages are not uncommon in these pastoral groups. High illiteracy rate and low usage of contraceptives were also noticed. Despite moving to town and living a modern life, their reproduction values stayed strong and thus not easily eradicated.

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