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Auteur : Sirimanne Shamika N., Hoffmann Jan, Wendy Juan ...[et al.]
Type : Rapport
Thème : Transport
Couverture : Maroc

Résumé/Sommaire :

1. International maritime trade and port traffic
A. Volume of international maritime trade and port traffic
B. Maritime trade in the era of pandemic
C. Outlook
D. Summary and policy considerations
2. Maritime transport services and infrastructure supply
A. World fleet and maritime workforce
B. Shipping companies, earnings and revenues and operations during and beyond the pandemic crisis
C. Port services and infrastructure supply
D. Conclusions and policy considerations
3. Performance indicators
A. Port calls and turnaround times
B. Container shipping: Liner shipping connectivity
C. Container shipping: Port performance
D. Port performance: Lessons learned from the TrainForTrade Port Management Programmeof UNCTAD
E. Shipping: Emissions of the world fleet
F. Summary and policy considerations
4. The coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic: lessons learned from first-hand experiences
A. Invited reflections on the coronavirus disease 2019 pandemic in maritime transport and
hinterland connections
B. Experience of small island developing States: Small island developing States in the Pacific
C. Experience of an authority coordinating a transit and transport corridor: Northern Corridor Transit and Transport Coordination Authority, East Africa
D. Experience of an authority managing an international maritime passage: Panama Canal Authority
E. Experience of a port authority: Port Authority of Valencia
F. Experience of a global shipping company: Mediterranean Shipping Company
5. Legal issues and regulatory developments
A. Technological developments and emerging issues in the maritime industry
B. Regulatory developments relating to international shipping, climate change and other environmental issues
C. Other legal and regulatory developments affecting transportation
D. Status of conventions
E. COVID-19 legal and regulatory challenges for international shipping and collaborative action in response to the crisis
F. Summary and policy considerations

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