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50 Years of Review of Maritime Transport, 1968-2018 : Reflecting on the past, exploring the future

Auteur : N. Sirimanne Shamika, Benamara Hassiba, Hoffmann Jan ...[et al.]
Année de Publication : 2018
Type : Rapport
Thème : Equipements et infrastructures

Résumé/Sommaire :

1.- Introduction and Editorial Overview
2.- Review of Maritime Transport – A Historical Perspective
2.1- Introduction—UNCTAD and Shipping
2.2- Seaborne Trade Volume and Structure
2.3- Users and Suppliers of Shipping Services—Shipper/Carrier Relations
2.4- Ports
2.5- Sustainable and Climate-Resilient Maritime Transport
3- Invited Essays and Reflections by Distinguished Persons
3.1- The Perspective of a Global Maritime Transport Regulatory Agency : Future Developments in Maritime Transport
3.2- The Perspective of Trade and Cargo Interests
3.3- The Perspective of the Shipping Industry : Backwards and Forwards :Emerging from a 10-Year Shipping Downturn?
3.4- The Perspective of the Port Industry : What Will Shape the Port Sector in the Next 50 Years?
3.5- A Maritime Transport Economist’s Perspective : Are We Smart Enough to Build a New Future for Maritime Transport?
3.6- An Academic Perspective
4- How is the Future of Maritime Transport Expected to Evolve?
4.1- Introduction
4.2- Technologies, Existing and in Development
4.3- Regulatory Policies and Changes Anticipated
4.4- Factors Beyond Business and Government Control
4.5- Future Scenarios for Consideration
4.6- What Lies Ahead for RMT?
5-Review of Maritime Transport : The Way Forward

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