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GDP Compilation in African Countries : A step-by-step manual

Auteur : Chinganya Oliver J. M., Muwele Besa, Lawson Fessou ...[et al.]
Année de Publication : 2017
Type : Livre
Thème : Repères du développement économique

Résumé/Sommaire :

PART I : Basic valuation system in national accounting and links with business accounting
Chapter 1 : What is GDP?
A. Output at basic prices
B. Intermediate consumption
C. Operational definition of gross value added and GDP
D. Components of gross value added
E. Examples of GDP compiled by three different methods
Chapter 2 : National accounting and business accounting concepts: deriving value added of non-financial corporations by the production and income approaches
A. Some basic definitions in business accounting
B. Some basic concepts in national accounting
C. Calculating national accounts from business accounting
D. A technical note on FISIM
E. Elaboration of GDP by the income approach
PART II : Methods and practices in estimating value added by economic activity
Chapter 3 : Measurement of output and intermediate consumption
A. Introduction
B. Agricultural output
C. Output and intermediate consumption of industrial activities
D. Output of distributive trade
E. Construction
F. Output of financial intermediation
G. Output of non-financial services
H. Output of non-market services
I. Output of goods and services produced for own final use
J. Output of originals and copies
PART III : Methods and practices in estimating final expenditure
Chapter 4 : Measurement of GDP by the final expenditure approach
A. Final consumption expenditure
B. Gross capital formation
C. Estimation of consumption of fixed capital and net capital stock
D. Exports and imports of goods and services
Chapter 5 : An integrated strategy for compiling GDP using supply and use tables
A. Introduction
B. Description of supply and use tables (SUT)
C. The use of SUT in compiling national accounts with limited information: the commodity flow approach
Chapter 6 : Evaluation of the three approaches to GDP and the use of benchmarking for revisions
A. Review of GDP compilation using the three approaches
B. Benchmarking
PART IV : An integrated strategy for data collection to support national accounts compilation
Chapter 7 : A harmonized approach to economic data collection
A. Introduction
B. Strategy for the development of data on non-financial market producers
C. Measuring HUEMs
D. Summary and recommendations on basic data
PART V : National accounts in constant prices
Chapter 8. The double deflation method
A. Introduction
B. General methodology

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