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Marketing Innovation and R&D Capabilities – More Than One Way to Innovation Success?

Auteur : Bhargava Mukesh, Chatterjee Rabikar, Grimpe Christoph ...[et al.]
Date de publication : 06/10/2011
Type : Article
Thème : Recherche et développement
Couverture : Allemagne

Résumé/Sommaire :

Existing literature has put considerable emphasis on the role of marketing and R&D capabilities as major drivers of firm performance. Little is known on how the marketing function itself may generate new products and services and how such marketing innovation interacts with technology-based innovation through R&D. While general marketing and R&D capabilities are typically assumed to complement each other, this is less clear when it comes to marketing innovation which may in fact substitute R&D. One reason is resource constraints that are typically faced by young firms. We analyze the role of marketing innovation and R&D capabilities for innovation performance of the firm. Based on a dataset of more than 700 firms from Germany we find that marketing innovation is in fact more important that technologybased innovation and that both substitute each other. However, this relationship only holds true for young firms which underpins the role of resource constraints in these firms.

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