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Innovation & new path creation: Insights into the wind power industry for Europe’s competitiveness

Auteur : Carpenter Juliet, Simmie James, Conti Elisa ....[et al.]
Date de publication : 15/09/2011
Type : Article
Thème : Recherche et développement
Couverture : Royaume-Uni

Résumé/Sommaire :

This paper seeks to explore the issues of innovation and new path creation in the UK and Germany, illustrating the argument through the case of the modern wind power industry. Taking an evolutionary perspective drawing on path dependence theory, the paper examines the role of niche environments, human agency and diffusion in the creation of new economic pathways. The research finds that new economic pathways are more likely to develop in places where niche conditions provide receptive environments, and where human agency is encouraged to bring forward innovations. Diffusion is also key to building a critical mass to challenge the dominant technological paradigm. The policy implications of the research include the importance of niche environments that encourage growth in new sectors, the need for financial support to bring innovations to market, and the significance of an entrepreneurial culture that encourages the pursuit of innovations.

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