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Learning from experience and best practice in regional fisheries management organizations

Auteur : Willock A. Lack M.
Année de Publication : 2006
Type : Rapport
Thème : Pêche

Résumé/Sommaire :

This report has examined the experiences of RFMOs with respect to the broader expectations of the global community, as reflected in legal instruments and internationally-agreed standards and protocols, and identifies what might be characterized as best practice approaches to these. Although the past performance of most RFMOs has been poor, this report has identified that a number of these organizations are taking steps to embrace some of the more recent international standards and expectations. Further, there is more recent evidence of RFMOs’ seeking to share elements of best practice among themselves, particularly with regard to compliance and enforcement and trade-related measures. It is also apparent that some RFMOs are becoming more receptive to re-examining their modus operandi in response to external expectations, including through initiating formal review processes.

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