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The comparative analysis of Mediterranean coastal communities : six case studies

Auteur : Mulazzani Luca, Zanasi Cesare, Errico Antonio ...[et al.]
Année de Publication : 2017
Type : Article
Thème : Pêche
Couverture : Maroc

Résumé/Sommaire :

The aim of this study is to promote cooperation and actions for the benefit of coastal communities on the Southern and Eastern shores of the Mediterranean region by adopting an approach that integrates environmental, economic and social dimensions. These areas are traditionally based on Fisheries, especially small-scale fisheries (SSFs), which contribute to strengthen social cohesion, in that the seafood value chains still represent the backbone of the coastal economy. The six coastal communities analysed in this paper are located in Algiers port - Casbah (Algeria), Marsa Matrouh (Egypt), Tricase (Italy), Tyre (Lebanon), Nador Lagoon (Morocco), Zarzis (Tunisia). Conclusions emphasise the need to develop a comprehensive reference system for dialogue, cooperation and capacity building both at national and regional level. The cluster approach can help create a favourable cooperation and competition environment, generating income and employment opportunities for local communities.

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