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The coastal fleet of the Moroccan Mediterranean : the sea of Al Hoceima as a case study

Auteur : Keznine Mohamed, Benaissa Hassan, Barylo Yevheniia ...[et al.]
Année de Publication : 2021
Type : Article
Thème : Pêche
Couverture : Maroc

Résumé/Sommaire :

The port of Al Hoceima is located on the Mediterranean coast about 150 km west of Nador city, the western extremity of Al-Hoceima Bay, and is the only Mediterranean gateway in the North-Central region. The port of Al Hoceima is characterized by coastal and artisanal fishing. The objectives of this study were the knowledge of the main fleets that exist in the Al Hoceima region, to identify the different fishing gears used and to inventory, the fishing resources caught and landed in the port of Al Hoceima. A detailed survey (concerning the fishing vessels and their characteristics related to the fishing method and the landed catches) was used and analyzed during the period between Avril and September 2020 in the port of Al Hoceima. The results showed the existence of three types of coastal fleets. The benthic trawlers (15 units), the longliners (16 units), and the purse seiners (14 units). The catches of the fleets were depending on the target species and characterized by different types of species and also by those groups with a very high market value.

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