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Trouble in the Making? The Future of Manufacturing-Led Development

Auteur : Hallward-Driemeier Mary, Nayyar Gaurav
Année de Publication : 2018
Type : Livre
Thème : Industrie

Résumé/Sommaire :

Technology and globalization are threatening manufacturing's traditional ability to deliver both productivity and jobs at a large scale for unskilled workers. Concerns about widening inequality within and across countries are raising questions about whether interventions are needed and how effective they could be.
Trouble in the Making? The Future of Manufacturing-Led Development addresses three questions:
- How has the global manufacturing landscape changed and why does this matter for development opportunities?
- How are emerging trends in technology and globalization likely to shape the feasibility and desirability of manufacturing-Ied development in the future?
- If low wages are going to be less important in defming competitiveness, how can less industrialized countries make the most of new opportunities that shifting technologies and globalization patterns may bring?
The book examines the impacts of new technologies (i .e., the Internet of Things, 3-D printing, and advanced robotics), rising international competition, and increased serviciflcation on manufacturing productivity and employment.The aim is to inform policy choices for countries currently producing and for those seeking to enter new manufacturing markets. Increased polarization is a risk, but the book analyzes ways to go beyond focusing on potential disruptions to position workers, flrms, and locations for new opportunities.

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