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Brand Management Process: How to Build, Measure and Manage Brand Equity Case study: McDonald’s, the Fast Food Super-Brand

Auteur : Bourbab Abdelkader, Boukili Mohamed
Année de Publication : 2008
Type : Thèse / Mémoire
Thème : Economie de services
Couverture : Maroc

Résumé/Sommaire :

Nowadays, the modern world marketplace is becoming more and more complex. The volatility of economies and markets, the accelerating rate of turbulent change, the changing needs of consumers, the relentless progress of technologies and innovations, and increasing market fragmentation have caused the destruction of many products and companies all over the world. Thus, to resist any kind of change, brand management seems to be an imperative.

We are in a world where parity is the norm. The availability of new technologies has enabled companies to easily replicate the products, systems, services, and processes of others, generating a huge strategic problem for businesses of differentiation. Added to this is the rapidly decreasing life cycle of products, in some cases now down to a matter of weeks.

Strong brands alleviate these problems. They differentiate companies and products from their competitors, make access to new markets and industries easier, provide returns on investment worth multiples of the value of the net assets of businesses through an endless stream profits, and – best of all – have no life cycle if they are looked and managed well. In addition to that, we believe the route to corporate success in the future will be found in developing brands that show more care. By this we mean that the “leading brands” in the foreseeable future will be those that demonstrate not just social responsibility, but a real willingness to care for people and the world in which we live. Great brands will be like great people – those whom we respect for their humility, leadership, compassion, leading-edge thinking, and the trust they place in consumers. Brands that reach such insights will, in return, be a part of the lives of millions, admired for what they are and what they do. Brand Image will become a much more determinant of success.

In this end of studies project report, we deal with brands – why they are important, what they represent to consumers, and what should be done by firms to manage them properly. Thus, we provide insights into how profitable brand strategies can be created by building, measuring, and managing brand equity. Further, we study McDonald’s experience to evaluate its strategy in terms of brand management.

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