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Development Power and Its Power Model: The Analytic Approach for Continuous Motivity of Economic Growth

Auteur : Dai Feng, Wang Ying, Qin Zifu
Date de publication : 20/05/2005
Type : Article
Thème : Economie appliquée

Résumé/Sommaire :

Based on the Partial Distribution [F. Dai, 2001] and the theory of Development Power [F. Dai, 2004], this paper discusses the power model of relation between development power (DP) and productivity. The power model also supports the hypothesis [F. Dai, 2005] that there are three kinds of energy states in economy, i.e. normal state, strong state and super state, and DP is the continuous motivity to economic growth. By the power model of DP, we could interpret in analytic way that the diffusion of DP and the diversifications of economic development also might be occurred after the super state. Finally, the conclusions in this paper are researched in the empirical way, the results indicate the power model is better than the exponential model of DP in many cases, and we could get the inimitable outcomes in describing the macroeconomic process by the power model of DP.

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