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Auteur : Achy Lahcen, Sekkat Khalid
Type : Rapport
Thème : Commerce
Couverture : Maroc

Résumé/Sommaire :

Part 1. Description of Morocco’s trade commitments
1. World Trade Organisation
1.1. Date of entry into force and membership
1.2. Object
1.3. Scop
1.4. Rules of origin
1.4.1. The absence of a definition of rules of origin in the WTO
1.4.2. A process of harmonisation
1.5. Present implementation and comments
1.5.1. Main trade legislations
2.5.2. Main legislations dealing with intellectual property rights
1.5.3. Sectoral policies
2. Greater Arab Free Trade Area
2.1. Date of entry into force and membership .
2.2. Object
2.3. Scop
2.4. Rules of origin
2.5. Present implementation and comments
3. Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
3.1. Date of entry into force and membership
3.2. Object
3.3. Scope
3.4. Rules of origin
3.5. Present implementation and comments
4. Quadripartite and Agadir agreements
5. Other agreements
5.1. General system of preferences
5.2. Maghreb Arab Union
5.3. Bilateral agreements with Egypt, Jordan, and Tunisia
5.4. Other regional and multilateral agreements
5.4.1. Morocco-EFTA free trade agreement
5.4.2. Trade preference system among Islamic countries
5.4.3. Global system of trade preferences
5.4.4. Community of Sahel and Saharan states
5.5. Other bilateral and unilateral agreements
Part 2. Compliance of Morocco’s trade policy with its commitments
1. Some applied rates remain higher than the bound rate
2. Some subsidies may not be in accordance with Morocco’s commitments
3. The application of variable tariff lines is incompatible with WTO
4. Specific measures awarded to specific firms
5. Safeguard measures
6. Consistency of rules of origin
7. Compatibility of Morocco’s commitments under GAFTA and EMFTA
8. Compatibility of Morocco’s policy with production incentives
Part 3. Potential effects
1. The consequences of spaghetti regionalism
1.1. The cost-benefit analysis of regional trade agreements
1.2. Specificities of spaghetti regionalism
2. Impact of the Euromed agreement on Morocco
2.1. Morocco’s untapped trade potential with the European Union .
2.2. An Estimation of the impact of the Euromed Agreement on Morocco’s Trade
3. Impact of GAFTA
3.1. The Arab missing trade
3.2. An estimation of GAFTA’s impact
4. Sector Impact of trade integration with the European Union
4.1. A Simulation based on a computable general equilibrium model
4.2. An estimation based on econometric results

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