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Morocco 2040 : Emerging by Investing in Intangible Capital

Auteur : Chauffour Jean-Pierre
Année de Publication : 2018
Type : Livre
Thème : Développement humain
Couverture : Maroc

Résumé/Sommaire :

Introduction : A Youth in Search of Opportunities
Amine : Young and Unskilled 6
Nisrine : Young and Low-Skilled
Kawtar : Young and Skilled
Réda : Young and Highly Skilled
Amine, Nisrine, Kawtar, and Réda
Part I : Morocco Today and Tomorrow
Chapter 1 : Morocco in 2016
The Start of Economic and Social Convergence
A Slow and Incomplete Convergence Process
The Flagging Development Model
The Challenges of a Slow Structural Transformation
Chapter 2 : Morocco in 2040
A Window of Opportunity
Morocco at a Crossroads
Changing the Development Paradigm
Part II : Intangible Capital: The Pathway to Economic Emergence
Chapter 3 : Investing in Market Support Institutions
Allocating Capital More Competitively
Allocating Labor More Efficiently and Inclusively
Integrating Morocco More Closely with the International Economy
Chapter 4 : Investing in Institutions and Public Services
Strengthening the Rule of Law and Justice
Modernizing the Civil Service
Improving Public Service Governance
Chapter 5 : Investing in Human Capital
Placing Education at the Heart of Development
Investing in Health for Improved Well-Being
Prioritizing Early Childhood as the Foundation ofHuman Capital
Chapter 6 : Investing in Social Capital
Contribution of Social Capital to Development
Achieving Gender Equality
Fostering Interpersonal Trust and Civic Responsibility

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