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Human Development Report 2017 : Inequalities and human development : contribution to the debate on human development model in Morocco : Summary

Collectivite Auteur : Observatoire National du Développement Humain
Type : Synthèse / Résumé
Thème : Développement humain
Couverture : Maroc

Résumé/Sommaire :

The Human Development report (ONDH, 2017) analyses the human development dynamics in the country both at the national and regional scales, from the end of the 90s to 2016. It is designed as a tool to consolidate national capacities to understand past and expected tendencies, economic and social achievements, appraised against the targets of public policies and the international commitments made by Morocco for multi-dimensional development.
In this field, owing to the socio-economic headways noted in Morocco in less than two decades, Morocco is giving evidence that significant gains in life quality are possible despite adverse regional and international environment, weather variations and demography and socio-economic deficits accumulated from the beginnings of independence to the end of the 1990s. Morocco succeeded in making headways, in this field, in an environment where success is neither prescribed nor guaranteed in advance.
To analyze the mapping, equity and progression of human development, in relation with the adaptation of public policies, composite and elementary indicators covering the 2000-2016 period are used as a reference. Besides the HDI-associated, human development measures, a development index, referred to below as NHDI, elaborated by the ONDH, was introduced in this year’s report. This index combines critical dimensions of development (education, health and income) with those dealing with “subjective well-being”, “living environment” and “social coherence and human security”. It is measured using data that were entirely obtained on the basis of the survey of a group of households conducted by the ONDH.
This year, the theme of this report is devoted to inequalities and disparities owing to the risks that they represent for the country’s development. Indeed, these threats undermine the achievements made in the human development key sectors, weaken the pillars of social cohesion and discredit the institutions that are supposed to embody and guarantee social justice and integration. The analysis of these inequalities and disparities as they relate in rights, opportunities or situations, gives indications on the hardships facing the populations all along their cycle of life.
To evoke all of these aspects, the present report describes the context in which the country’s development is evolving, analyses the scope and evolution of the human development concept and dimensions, addresses the changes experienced by the country as far as the human development fundamental dimensions are concerned and studies the concept, level and tendency of social inequalities and regional disparities.
By covering the 2000-2016 period, the resulting analysis underlines the effects of public policies on human development, in terms of social and regional convergences and the development losses due to inequalities. As a conclusion, the analysis of human development-dedicated public policies sheds light on the quantity and quality changes experienced by the Moroccan society in this field.
Public policies are analyzed based on their ability to reduce deficits in the years to come. Since their efficiency is enhanced when they are the result of a set of coordinated actions, the emphasis will be placed, later, on the needed integration and convergence of public policies. Therefore, some proposals will be sketched out to answer the questions raised by the reflection on the foundations of a new development model leading to a swift and fair evolution of human development.

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