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Environmental stories to watch in 2006

Auteur : Lash Jonathan
Année de Publication : 2005
Type : Etude
Thème : Surveillance

Résumé/Sommaire :

How are state and local governments moving forward on global warming in the absence of federal action ? How is the business community adapting to a resource-constrained world ? How is the environment being used as a path out of poverty in developing countries ?

These – and other issues that will be on the horizon for 2006 – were covered during the briefing. The discussion also reviewed last year’s topics and pointed out where WRI was right and where it was wrong.

WRI President Jonathan Lash has served as co-chair of the President’s Council on Sustainable Development and was Vermont’s Commissioner of Environmental Conservation. He serves on numerous environmental committees. This year he was named a “climate hero” by Rolling Stone magazine and one of the top 100 influential business leaders by Treasury and Risk Management magazine.

The World Resources Institute (www.wri.org) is an independent, non-partisan and nonprofit organization with a staff of more than 100 scientists, economists, policy experts, business analysts, statistical analysts, mapmakers, and communicators developing and promoting practical solutions to protect the Earth and improve people’s lives.

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