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This study is a first attempt to evaluate the toxic effects of prominent aquatic pollutants (nutrients and toxic metals) on the brown seaweed Bushy Rainbow Wrack (Cystoseira tamariscifolia) physiology along the Atlantic coast of Morocco. The physicochemistry (nutrients) of seawater, toxic metals (Chromium, Lead, Copper and Cadmium) and physiological parameters (Chlorophyll contents, Proline, Glycinebetaine and Total Phenolic Compounds) of the brown macroalgae Bushy Rainbow Wrack were studied in order to assess the pollution degree of 8 coastal areas. The results show that the toxic metal contents of Bushy Rainbow Wrack (especially Cadmium) and the concentration of phosphorus are correlated with stress physiological parameters, and inversely correlated with pigment contents. It shows that while these brown algae exist in the less polluted areas, their physiology is significantly affected. However, in the highly polluted areas, this brown seaweed disappears. Thus, this specie could be used for monitoring the pollution degree in coastal areas.

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