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Papers / Articles
- Les plages et les vasières des environs des embouchures des oueds Tahaddart et Gharifa (NW du Maroc) : dynamique morphosédimentaire et impact des aménagements sur leur évolution récente
- Population dynamics and structure of talitrid amphipods from Bizerte sandy beach (North of Tunisia)
- Relationships between biological characteristics of the crustacean amphipod Talitrus saltator, including behavioural responses, and local environmental features. Case studies of Zouara and Korba (Tunisia)
- Habitat partitioning and trophic levels of terrestrial macroinvertebrates of a Tyrrhenian coastal ecosystem (Grosseto, Italy)
- Caractérisation granulométrique de la plage sableuse de Sidi Moussa (côte atlantique marocaine)
- Biodiversité floristique des dunes littorales de l’Oued El Maleh (Martil) et du Bas Tahaddart : résultats préliminaires
- Trace metals in the clam Donax trunculus L. from the Bouadisse sandy beach, discharge zone of a plant sewage outfall in Agadir Bay (Morocco)
- Assessment of quality and attraction of the sandy beaches of Nador province – Morocco
- Community based monitoring improves management of essential fish habitat for beach spawning California Grunion
- A review of entomological research on sandy beaches in Morocco, with an emphasis on Coleoptera
- Endogenous locomotor activity rhythm of two sympatric species of Talitrids (Crustacea, Amphipoda) from a sandy beach of Tuscany, Italy
- The role of scientists in providing formal and informal information for the definition of guidelines, regulations or management plans for sandy beaches
- Sensibilisation sur l’importance des banquettes de Posidonia oceanica dans la protection des plages sableuses : Approche participative
Extended abstracts / Résumés étendus
- Impact des opérations de rechargement en sables marins sur la dynamique des côtes sableuses du système lagunaire de Ria Formosa (Sud Portugal)
- Structuring modes of the macroinfauna of sandy beaches in lagoon environment
- Wrack algae of exposed sandy beaches : effect on the nutrient supply to the coastal environment
- Macrobenthic trophodynamics of two South African pocket beaches : A not-so-simple perspective
- Categories of importance as promising approach to valuate and conserve ecosystem integrity : case study of Asilah sandy beach (Morocco)
- Sandy beach fisheries as complex social-ecological systems : emerging paradigms for research, management and governance
- What constitutes the wrack found on South Australian sandy beaches?
- Are the characteristic of nesting beaches influencing emergence rate and hatching success of loggerhead turtle Caretta caretta along the Ionian coast of Calabria (Italy)?
- Degradative processes in macroalgal wrack on sheltered beaches : ecological effects
- Beach grooming and the loss of coastal strand habitats in southern California
- Mitigation of the ecological effects of nourishment on sandy shores, a case study
- Sandy-beach ecosystems : Their health, resilience and management
- Patterns of macrofaunal community in intertidal sedimentary shores in South Shetland Islands, Antarctica
- Lineus acutifrons Southern, 1913 is not an extinct species… but neither is a Lineus : redescription from Spanish specimens
- The influence of human activities and environmental factors on the presence of four dominant intertidal macro invertebrates on Dutch sandy beaches
- Modelling large-scale occurrence and abundance of the sandy beach isopod Excirolana armata along the morphodynamic and salinity gradients of the Rio de la Plata Estuary, Uruguay
- Beach multi-risk assessment considering ecosystem services and coastal hazards : a tool for ICZM
- The effect of tides on the vertical distribution of nematodes on shore environments : a study case of De Panne’s beach (Belgium)
- The impact of a temporarily open/closed estuary on the community structure of a sandy beach macrobenthos in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa
- An illustration of the importance of sandy beaches to coastal ecosystem services at the regional scale
- What is the structuring role of biotic interactions in explaining distribution and zonation patterns on West European sandy beaches?
- The effect of increased rainfall on the sandy beach ecosystem : results from a pan-European experiment
Workshop reports / Rapports des ateliers
Workshop 1 : Sandy beach biological research – important questions for knowledge, understanding, policy and management
Workshop 2 : Monitoring of sandy beaches : theory and practice

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