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This paper reports the elaboration and application of an Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) indicators framework designed to assess Water management system in the Meknes Region. The framework making up of twelve indicators was developed and applied to the R’Dom sub-basin. The methodology consisted of an indicator selection process to evaluate the inputs from water management stakeholders in the study area.
Involved stakeholders in the consultation phase are accepted indicators as a framework of better understanding integrated water resource management. As a result, the IWRM indicator framework was developed accordingly, in order to integrate the relevant economic, social, and environmental aspects. The indicator’s assessment shows that all stakeholders have taken steps towards developing a system allowing the IWRM implementation. Nevertheless, significant additional effort is required, as some stakeholders need to set up a more efficient management system.
The evaluation of the indicators shows that three of the twelve indicators require a considerable effort, specifically, capacity building, funding, and management scale. The application of the indicators framework represents a contribution to identifying the shortcomings of the current water management system in the study area. The results obtained allow the stakeholders to act and trace the steps needed to be taken towards implementing an integrated water management system.

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