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Research on groundwater quality and usage in the Cenomanian aquifer in a nearcoastal agricultural region in Morocco was conducted in 2005 and in 2016. This study was undertaken to determine the characteristics of water quality in this aquifer in order to identify the sectors most affected by different types of pollution due mainly to the increase in human activities in this region.
Forty-six wells in the vicinity of the landfill site were sampled and analyzed for parameters including: temperature, electrical conductivity, pH, chloride, sulphate, nitrate, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium and bicarbonate, in addition to the depth of theThe water table. The concentrations of most of the chemical elements exceed drinking water standards such as chloride, sodium, nitrate and sulphate (4535, 2411, 264 and 851 mg/l respectively); these wells are located either near the Moulay Abdellah landfill or in the agricultural and coastal areas.
The analysis of the overall quality of the water revealed that just 20 % of the monitored wells are of good quality, with the quality of the rest ranging from medium to very bad quality. Poor water quality in the Cenomanian aquifer is associated with lithological, marine and anthropogenic sources of chemical constituents.

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