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Climate Change Adaptation and Natural Disasters Preparedness in the Coastal Cities of North Africa. Phase 1, Risk Assessment for the Present Situation and Horizon 2030 – Alexandria Area : Draft Final Version

Collectivite Auteur : AASTMT, Egis BCEOM International
Date de publication : 31/01/2011
Type : Rapport
Thème : Catastrophes
Couverture : Egypte

Résumé/Sommaire :

Chapter 1 : Assessment of Hazards: Present Situation and Perspective for 2030
1. Climate and Extreme Climatic Events
2. Stability of Natural Grounds
3. Seismology and Tsunamis
4. Coastal Erosion and Marine Submersion
5. Hydrology and Inundations
6. Water Resources and Needs
Chapter 2 : Identification of Urban Vulnerabilities
1. Introduction
2. Analysis of the Urban Coverage in the Present Situation
3. Analysis of the Urban Coverage in the 2030 Situation
4. Analysis of Urban Vulnerabilities and Risks
Chapter 3 : Economic Evaluation
1. Introduction
2. Evaluation of the Socio-Economic Costs of the Impact of Climate Change and Natural Disasters
3. Evaluation of the Climate Related Health Costs
Chapter 4 : Institutional Evaluation
1. Introduction
2. Institutional Cartography
3. Coordination and Crisis Management
4. Strategic Sectors
5. Scientific and Technical Entities
6. Case Study: the 2010 Flash-Floods in Sinai
7. Analysis
8. Sources of Information

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