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Sustainable transformation of Morocco's energy system : Development of a phase model

Auteur : Raquel Ersoy Sibel, Terrapon-Pfaff Julia, Agouzoul Hassan
Année de Publication : 2022
Type : Etude
Thème : Energie
Couverture : Maroc

Résumé/Sommaire :

A clear understanding of socio-technical interdependencies and a structured vision are prerequisites for fostering and steering a transition to a fully renewables-based energy system. To facilitate such understanding, a phase model for the renewable energy (RE) transition in MENA countries has been developed and applied to the country case of Morocco. It is designed to support the strategy development and governance of the energy transition and to serve as a guide for decision makers. Such a phase model could be shared widely as part of Morocco’s engagement in international platforms of multilateral collaboration, such as the Energy Transition Council (chaired by the United Kingdom (UK) and managed by the British Embassy – Rabat).
The analysis shows that Morocco has fully embarked on the energy transition.
According to the MENA phase model, Morocco can be classified as being in the second phase »System Integration of Renewables«. Nevertheless, Morocco plans to considerably increase the use of natural gas in order to back up intermittent solar and wind energy sources. The diversification of energy sources and a diverse portfolio of storage options, including solar thermal power and hydrogen, can foster flexibility options. To this end, a roadmap for power-to-X (PtX) should be considered for a smooth transition of the Moroccan energy supply and demand system.
The expansion of local REs can significantly contribute to reducing Morocco’s high fossil fuel imports that are causing a high fiscal burden. With this regard, energy security can be strengthened. Next to large-scale deployment, decentralisation of the energy system must be built to encourage an energy transition on all societal levels. The results of the analysis along the transition phase model towards 100% RE are intended to stimulate and support the discussion on Morocco’s future energy system by providing an overarching guiding vision for energy transition and the development of appropriate policies.

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