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Facilitating Implementation and Readiness for Mitigation (FIRM) : Project – MOROCCO

Auteur : Missaoui Rafik
Année de Publication : 2016
Type : Projet
Thème : Energie
Couverture : Maroc

Résumé/Sommaire :

1. General information
2. Outline of the NAMA
2.1 Brief description of the objectives of the proposed NAMA and summary of measures to be included in the NAMA
2.2 Relevance of the NAMA to national plans for sustainable development, national strategies and/or sectorial mitigation targets
2.3 Brief description of the transformational impacts, including their sustainability
3. Introduction
3.1 Description of the country context, including an outline of national development policies and climate change policies
3.2 Detailed description of the current situation in the sector/sub-sector in which the NAMA will be implemented, including existing legal, regulatory and institutional frameworks relevant to the NAMA
4. Description of the scope and objectives of the NAMA in relation to the current situation
4.1 Objective of the NAMA
4.2 Scope
5. Identification of implementation barriers and options
5.1 Analysis of barriers (financial, legal, regulatory, institutional, capacity, technological, etc.) to achieving the objectives of the NAMA
5.2 Identification of available options for removing barriers and selection of key measures to be implemented under the NAMA
6. Estimate of national sustainable development benefits and GHG impacts
6.1 Baseline scenario – narrative description of the baseline situation in the absence of planned NAMA measures
6.2 NAMA scenario – narrative description of the situation with the implementation of NAMA measures
6.3 Description of sustainable development benefits
6.4 Estimate of GHG emission reductions resulting from the implementation of NAMA measures
6.5 Description of the transformational impact of the NAMA
7. Description of the NAMA action plan
7.1 Description of the detailed activities necessary for implementing the mitigation measures included in the NAMA
7.2 Work plan for the detailed activities
8. Measurement, reporting and verification (MRV)
8.1 Description of key parameters to assess the implementation progress of the Nama
8.2 Description of key parameters to assess funding for the programme
8.3 Measuring and reporting plan
9. Cost and funding
9.1 Costs and support requirements
9.2 NAMA funding
9.3 Incremental cost
9.4 Summary Of programme funding
9.5 Programme sustainability strategy

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